1000 Rounds - 5.56 NATO 68 Grain BTHP Match Hornady Frontier Ammo Made by Lake City - FR310

1000 Rounds - 5.56 NATO 68 Grain BTHP Match Hornady Frontier Ammo Made by Lake City - FR310

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SKU: FR310 - 2 cases

For sale are 2 x 500 round cases of 5.56 NATO 68 Grain BTHP Match Hornady Frontier Ammo Made by Lake City

Sku number: FR310

25 boxes per case

Product Features

Consistency in every cartridge

State-of-the-industry loading techniques and quality control procedures ensure the reliability of every Frontier® Cartridge round.

Rounds for All Applications

Frontier® Cartridge offers ammunition configured for a wide range of shooters and applications, everything from plinking, target shooting and hunting to law enforcement training and self-defense.

Military Grade

In addition to Hornady® bullets in a variety of offerings, Frontier® Cartridge features brass cartridge cases and military-grade boxer primers and propellant.


Customer Reviews

Got little intrigued after seeing Winchester 62gr OT ammo so I ordered some to do my testing. I am also looking for replacement for IMI Razor Core 77gr. So I ordered Hornady 68gr BTHP too. I used the same chronograph as buffman during Winchester 62gr OT testing. Temperature was 70F, Relative humidity was 85%, elevation was 996 feet and pressure around 29mmHg, no wind, chronograph 6 feet from muzzle. Two barrels used for testing. 18 inch Ballistic Advantage SS with 1 in 8 twist and rifle gas system. 20 inch Black Hole Weaponry (exceptional barrel) SS with 1 in 8 twist, 3R poly rifling and rifle gas system. I tested 2 other types of ammo as control since I tested them extensively before. Ammo tested (all ammo is factory 5.56 ammo ordered from sgammo.com except Black Hills): Winchester 62gr OT (I actually now believe this round G1=0.216 after checking drop during my testing), Hornady 68gr HPBT with G1=0.343 (per Litz). Hornady 75gr HPBT with G1=0.372 (per Litz). Black Hills 77gr SMK OTM with G1=0.386 (per Litz). I know that Litz's BC are lower in case of 68gr and higher in case of 75gr and 77gr than what is claimed by original manufacturer but up to 600 yards Litz recalculated coefficients match very well with bullet drops I see with 77gr Black Hills, 77gr IMI razor core and 75gr Horandy. 10 rounds from each ammo was fired. 5 rounds from 20 inch, then 5 rounds from 18 inch. After that rifle were left to cool. Then the process was repeated in reverse order trying to give all ammo similar amount of heat from the barrels. I would not trust my SD numbers since one needs at least 36 rounds to start getting something statistically significant. Winchester 62gr: 18 inch v=3060.3 feet/s SD=15.1 feet/s; 20 inch v=3111.4 feet/s SD=22.4 feet/s Hornady 68gr: 18 inch v=2933 feet/s SD=46.1 feet/s; 20 inch v=2993 feet/s SD=20.7 feet/s Hornady 75gr: 18 inch v=2759.3 feet/s SD=42 feet/s; 20 inch v=2828.6 feet/s SD=48.6 feet/s Black Hills 77gr: 18 inch v=2810 feet/s SD=31.9 feet/s; 20 inch v=2864.6 feet/s SD=37.2 feet/s When I talk about ammo precision (not accuracy, that is different), I always fire multiple 5 round groups when in rush to do quick test. My standard is 10 rounds multiple groups when I have time. 3 rounds group don't tell you much about ammo precision. I belive USA Army use to test ammo pecission with 3 groups of 20 rounds. But I might be wrong. I have couple thousand rounds of Black Hills OTM and TMK and I rarely use it since it is a very impressive ammo. 600 yard work with BH is routine if you do your part. I routinely get between 0.75 inch an 1.75 inch with this ammo at 200 yards (which is around 0.4 inch to 0.9 inch at 100 yards). Subsonic regime for this ammo is 900 yards from 18 inch and 925 yards from 20 inch barrel (under condition stated above). Winchester is accurate at 100 yards. I was in a rush and did not take my time but it was averaging 1.1 inch at 100 yards. I will try accuracy this winter at 600 yards but in conditions stated above, subsonic regime was 625 yards from 18 inch barrel and 650 yards from 20 inch barrel. These numbers will go down in winter, hence the round might become unstable around 600 yards or so. The round is Open Tip and it is not boat tail, so very low BC. Hornady 68gr is quite good. 1 inch at 100 yards easy. Hornady 75gr is as most other Hornady product I tested, over-promise and under-deliver. Interestingly both rounds became subsonic at 850 yards from 18 inch barrel and 875 yards from 20 inch barrel. Subsonic regime is calculated using JBM ballistic calculator which I find quite good and matching my observed drops in various weather conditions. Having said all this I will load on 68gr Hornady ammo (this is the first time I tested it in more detail). I have quite a bit of Horandy 75gr (buying before test driving) ammo but it is not very impressive from my rifles at 600 yards. Winchester 62gr is all right but I doubt it will perform well in windy winter conditions at 600 yards. And Black Hills ammo I use the same way I use antibiotics, only per doctor order.