Customer Feedback


STEVEKDN - Jun 11, 2018

Easy interface to place an order. Seemless checkout procedure with instant email to confirm the order. Will definitely order again!

tosa - Jun 11, 2018

Outstanding prices and quick, quick shipping A++++

SNeilsen - Jun 11, 2018

Place place to get your ammo.

Jaydelosreyes69 - Jun 11, 2018

Fast shipping - great to deal with!

rebel1 - Jun 11, 2018

Excellent prices on ammo and shipping. AAA+

lightbrigade - Jun 11, 2018

SGA always has the best prices on the web. I have been very impressed with their customer service as well. the order is always processed in a timely manner, and have not had any issues at all with shipping.

mseligmann3 - Jun 11, 2018

Ordered a crate of AK ammo very happy great price and service is above expectations definitely plan on ordering from this company again.

kandjdaniel - Jun 10, 2018

I purchased some of the Tiger 7.62X39mm. I was very plrased with customer service and the quality of the ammo,

wkmcdonald - Jun 10, 2018

Easy and painless ordering experience. Quality product delivered in good condition at an unbeatable price.

awsorensen - Jun 10, 2018

I have ordered from SGAmmo many times. No matter what the political climate they always take good care of me and give the best price possible.

wilnut - Jun 11, 2018

Best place to shop for ammo.

selaforme - Jun 10, 2018

Great price quick shipping.

Dscottmartin - Jun 10, 2018

Always good with SG Ammo.

daveyhorse1949 - Jun 10, 2018

Love Thank You

TNT2005 - Jun 10, 2018

Fantastic price on product and shipping. Received the product very quickly.

slovullo - Jun 10, 2018

Best place I have found to buy ammo from. Prices are good and service is excellent.

echurch - Jun 09, 2018

Have ordered many times from SGAmmo, they always get the order 100% right, and package it really well. Very fast from time of order to time of arrival, reasonable shipping charges and great prices on excellent quality ammunition! At this point they are my go-to ammunition supplier.

EhrenHein - Jun 09, 2018

The ammo was as described and shipped right when they said it would, Thanks!

adam.peters - Jun 09, 2018


FaithfulGuide - Jun 09, 2018

Good company to deal with.

imkillintime - Jun 09, 2018

Very satisfied with my purchase. Fast delivery.

thebyerlys - Jun 09, 2018

Very easy transaction, and the best prices available with reasonable shipping

gabnerl - Jun 10, 2018

Superb! I don't even look at other sites for my ammo purchases anymore.

tbudzich - Jun 10, 2018

I was skeptical about ordering from SG because they where less than half the price of the larger online stores I typically buy from for a case of .45 ACP Federal 230 grn Hydra - shock ammo. I was pleasantly suprised. The ammo arrived as advertised and shipping was fast. Curiously, I received 498 rounds as one of the boxes contained 18 rounds instead of 20. I dont think this was the fault of SG as the case was sealed from the factory when it showed up. Regardless, the price for 498 rounds was still 1/2 of what the other guys wanted. Will definately purchase from SG again!

samthedog73 - Jun 08, 2018

liked. i look forward to doing business with you in the future.

skywatcher40 - Jun 08, 2018

Great customer service and fast with shiooing. They also communicate any shipping delay issues. the are my first choice for any order.

Reiverman - Jun 08, 2018

Recently ordered 500 rounds of 6.5 Grendel in an ammo can. This was my first order from SGammo and definitely wont be my last. It shipped very quickly, at a lower price than others. What made it better was the way it was packed. There were small pallet style braces on either side of the ammo can in the box to protect it. A+, impressed. As for the ammo, i shoot the Wolf Grendel often, its fine for plinking. Not match but goes bang, it lets me practice with 6.5 for the price of 5.56.

splogan - Jun 08, 2018

Good ammo but extremely dirty. Had decent groupings at 100yards but be sure to clean your rifles after each use because this stiuff is extremely dirty!

eppsj17 - Jun 08, 2018

Great selection, fast and reasonable shipping. What more could one ask?

loofa - Jun 08, 2018

Super easy transaction. Look forward to my orders arrival.

n0zeb - Jun 08, 2018

This is the best source for very competitively priced ammunition I have found yet! Customer service is 2nd to none and by far the quickest I have found at completing and shipping an order!

apmoore95 - Jun 08, 2018

quick shipping and MEN .303 Brit was good, clean ammo

dogbnundrwr - Jun 07, 2018

Awesome experience, great prices. I would recommend SGAmmo to any one.

nolanm29 - Jun 08, 2018

very quick and prices were well with in reason

Stoney M Whitaker - Jun 08, 2018

Great doing business with They always have great prices and plenty of stock..

JoeyUSA - Jun 07, 2018

I've receiver a number of orders from SGAMMO and I have always been quite satisfied. I use a number of cartridge types for various milsurps. I don't deal with the CMP anymore because of management and SGAMMO has easily filled the void. Tope flight outfit here.

sgerbich - Jun 07, 2018

SGAmmo is Awesome. Always the best prices around. I have have always received exactly what i order in a very reasonable time frame. To this date i have never had a single misfire. The people at SGAmmo Rock. Keep it up team. We all appreciate you greatly.

Magyverx - Jun 07, 2018

this is my first purchase here on this site, great stuff , decent selection , delivery was a day early , price was right , annealing was adequate, had no issues running every single round of Israeli green tips, shipping cost could have been better but, shopped around its all about the same within a few bucks , deals can be found if you do your research, I would buy again

jimfarley - Jun 07, 2018

Great service, product and communication!

crzy97 - Jun 07, 2018

Ammo exactly as pictured. Quality Performance.

Ryansullivan73 - Jun 07, 2018

Smooth as butter

Pits - Jun 07, 2018

Excellent service. My order was processed and shipped on time as promised. This is my third purchase of bulk quantity ammo from SGammo. The product quality and price are unmatched.

jpatrickfitz - Jun 06, 2018

Great prices. Great customer service. Could not be happier buying here.

pathfinder.gregg - Jun 06, 2018

I placed a small order for some old reliable rounds that I’m gifting to a friend. UPS knocked on my door less than 48 hours after I hit the submit button. Thank you for the outstanding service, Sam and Lala! I’ll be back soon!

lakelly - Jun 06, 2018

The 2nd Amendment patriots @ SGAmmo are doing the Constitution proud. You offer an amazing selection and work diligently to find great deals for us shooters. I’m going downhill rapidly with MS but I hopefully will still be able to smack some steel a little longer. GO SGAmmo

ray26 - Jun 06, 2018

Staggering choice of options in each common caliber. Excellent pricing and rapid delivery. The best ammo vendor around in my opinion.

Jeep Morgan - Jun 06, 2018

I've ordered 4 different ammo loads from here and ALL have shipped crazy fast!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE their shipping times!!!! Not only does SG have the best shipping times, but they also have HANDS DOWN the best prices on the entire internet!!!!! I'm a customer for life!!! OUTSTANDING JOB GUYS!!!!!!!!

jrfan612 - Jun 06, 2018

Great shipping and a good price

dougbohart - Jun 06, 2018

Great service, prices and selection. What to wish for? They have it.

william.jacobs39 - Jun 06, 2018