Customer Feedback

Cheapest price fastest ship ! Very happy

dalehavens1 - Aug 06, 2018

fast, easy shipping. would continue to buy.

jeremytsears - Aug 06, 2018

I’d like to commend SGammo for the excellent service and commications on my past order. They went above and beyond with customer service plus the great prices on good ammo. I’ll be a customer for life. Thank you very much! Bryan

brygreer1 - Aug 06, 2018

SGAmmo is awesome!!! Your one stop shop for all your ammo needs. Fast delivery, wonderful packaging, and support for a family owned company. Love this Barnual Special edition stuff for SG. Very nice ammo for storage and plinking, the sealed bullets are a very nice edition. Will definitely be getting more and definitely buying from SG again.

bvrmiles - Aug 05, 2018

Good price on product and shipping cost is very reasonable.

toddhoyem - Aug 05, 2018

Easy to order from here.Prices are lowest I have found,even with paying for shipping it's cheaper than sites that offer free shipping.

easleytom3944 - Aug 04, 2018

Great ammmo, great price, great service.

DBRYMER - Aug 04, 2018

Quick delivery, delivered correct order. Very smooth operation

Mzlynnrn - Aug 04, 2018

Great experience with my order.

burresscamaro - Aug 04, 2018

SGAmmo delivers orders in the fastest time I have ever seen! The ammo is some of the best brass out there! It makes it nice that you have an expected delivery date BEFORE you place the order. I will ordering from you guys again. Thank you again.

curtekey - Aug 03, 2018

As Advertised. Quick Ship. I'm back for more.

none5 - Aug 03, 2018

This is my first time ordering from SGA and I'm very happy with the variety of ammo selection and pricing. Additionally, my order shipped the same day I ordered it and arrived two days later. I'll definitely be buying my ammo from here again. Dan G.

gloverdj1 - Aug 03, 2018

Very slight patina on rounds, works well and very accurate thru my FAL, ammo can looked like new, great ammo at a great price.

Head Trauma - Aug 03, 2018

Not pleased with the PPU 9mm Luger HP. Frequent fail to chamber from mags where Fiocchi 9mm HP always perform. Not worth the pennies per round savings on the PPU

tinkertrain - Aug 03, 2018

As always, fast shipping, great prices. Best buys in bulk ammunition.

michael.delaney14 - Aug 03, 2018

Never disappointed ! This is my go to place for ammo and more. Thanks Guys

mysihba - Aug 02, 2018

Package came very quick, ammo runs 100% in my WASR-10 and I will definitely be buying from here again!

hayden.fowkes1 - Aug 02, 2018

Great experience, awesome price, awesome selection, super fast shipping. My new go to ammo spot!!

dancozz4 - Aug 02, 2018

Packaged as good as can be and arrived quickly. Very pleased

ripcthorsen - Aug 02, 2018

great service

11sjoran - Aug 01, 2018

Ammo came in EXCELLENT Condition and Swift time frame!!! Thanks, M. Grebler

Equalizer18 - Aug 01, 2018

So far I've made a few purchases of 5.56, 6.5G and 7.62 and as far as "cheap ammo" goes all three products I've received have performed as good as all of the standard brass I've shot over the years. I'll say that the accuracy of the 6.5G is much better than I was expecting and I'm sure some of that goes to the Grendel platform and quality barrel but I was ringing a 12" plate from 340 yds with such regularity that I actually got bored. The Wolf 5.56 was just a tad less impressive but at 250 yds the 24" gong was singing. Now, about the service and shipping from SGAmmo, what can you say other than everything went exactly like it was supposed to. I ordered one batch of ammo on July 3rd and I got the package at the shop from Mr UPS on the 5th. I wouldn't have been mad if the holiday in between had caused a delay in shipping the ammo so I was happy to have got it before the weekend. I'm not sure if it's a sad thing to expect in these days for there to be some kind of problem with a simple purchase of a product but the incompetence I see from virtually every business or service in today's America is almost 100%. My employees and business being a rare exception as well as SGAmmo is a pleasant break from the every day grind of morons finding new and dumber ways to screw things up. Kudos and many thanks SG and for your service I will continue to buy ALL of my ammunition from this website until there is good enough reason not to. Alan Johnston Round Rock, Texas

alan - Jul 31, 2018

Great f'ing job y'all! None of these other mofos out there compare! They only outdo y'all for sending me trash junk mail if I make the mistake of ordering from some other bunch of yahoos!

James-doherty2014 - Jul 31, 2018

Great service and shipping was super fast. Ammo was professionally packed and I will definitely order from SG Ammo again. Of course my Fiocchi 223 ran flawless as well.

tcusumano01 - Aug 01, 2018

Awesome buying experience. Simple, quick, professional and an outstanding price.

Bryan.James - Aug 01, 2018

Exelent expiriense.

erut - Jul 31, 2018

Decently priced and punctual shipping, the only place I buy from these days.

aorleman - Jul 31, 2018

When I had to find a special ammo for a old revolver SGAmmo took the time to answer my request and got me the ammo. Thanks Sam!!

m.gload - Jul 31, 2018

Arrived fast and the ammo is in great condition. Only place I'm finding the non magnetic tula.

jasonjwwilliams - Jul 30, 2018

i have ordered ammo from SG ammo before ammo is good orders are always fast and easy to find what i want prices are good thank you SG ammo

rpsav1 - Jul 31, 2018

Ammo was shipped as fast as the bullet itself leaving my barrel. Great prices and huge selection for quality ammo. My new go to site for all my ammo needs!

lincoln.mitchell22 - Jul 31, 2018

The ammo is inexpensive and goes BANG! Everytime! Buying again!

johnsmithx89 - Jul 30, 2018

I love you guys I can't say it enough. Great variety and fast shipments. I refer you to my students and friends. I need to buy you all a round one day to say thanks

ben21 - Jul 30, 2018

Love this and ammo. Very accurate for range ammo.

tpisarek - Jul 29, 2018

The ammo arrived quickly. Thank you!

dominionaccuracy - Jul 29, 2018

I really like the personal service from this family business.

dnalaw - Jul 30, 2018

Always love ordering from here. Fast and easy and the prices are always on point.

hwshipman2 - Jul 30, 2018

I'm always satisfied with sgammo. Always fast service, and quality ammo.

rgbk69 - Jul 30, 2018

had some ammo arrive wet last order. I sent an email which was responded to right away. Everything was taken care of without question or additional costs to me. Great Company

Muskm36 - Jul 28, 2018

Great prices for ammo. No problems with the order or the merchandise.

ryankesr - Jul 28, 2018

SGAmmo is my go to source for all ammo, plinking and defense. The selection, prices and quick delivery can’t be beat. Thanks for running your business so professionally. I’m a loyal customer for as long as you’re around.

tidojoaquin - Jul 28, 2018

Great prices and great ammo! Fast shipping. Been ordering from here for years and will continue to!

ontopontap - Jul 28, 2018

My first time ordering from SG ammo and I have to say I was very pleased with the price service and speed of delivery I am now a repeat customer

mittdan - Jul 29, 2018

Easy simple and great prices, will buy again....

Mikedocholliday22mag - Jul 29, 2018

Order was received very quickly. Ammo was securely packaged. I have already run through about half of the order and have had no problems with it. For surplus ammo dated 1986, I was surprised, but it goes "Bang" every time and that takes the worry out of it! I'll be a repeat customer!

icvanimal - Jul 27, 2018

Got here quick and trouble free, can't really ask for more

clielguera - Jul 27, 2018

Great service so far

gvillecco - Jul 27, 2018

Great product, well packaged, great product = Happy Customer

n1bvw - Jul 26, 2018

Arrived in good condition and on time.

cwburke2 - Jul 26, 2018

I have been buying ammunition from SGAmmo for a good number of years and their service is second to none. Very fast shipping and I have never been disappointed. During the previous shortages of certain ammunition I was glad to see that these folks did not take advantage of their customers.

retiredsailor - Jul 26, 2018